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Calculates your Mean Time Between Errors (MTBE) and Mean Time Between Retrains (MTBR) as used by the BT DLM system to categorise your line.

You need access to your modem's line stats to be able to use this calculator.
If you use DSLstats or HG612modem stats - MyDSLwebstats will automatically record your daily ES count & email you the number of detected resyncs.

DLM Calculator

Enter your Errored Seconds and/or Retrains for the day.

Uptime hrs Errors ES Resyncs




Error Status
Retrain Status


Note: Parameters for WBC ADSL are correct to latest figures available at Apr 2014.
FTTC parameters are based on NGA 06/12 with MTBE 30/300 figures which seem accurate from observations of those people using MDWS. MTBR Speed Profile RED updated 05/15 by Openreach.

ISP's known to use NGA Speed Profile: AAISP, Plusnet, Zen.  BT?
ISP's known to use NGA Standard Profile: Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone.



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