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To reset the 2700HG-B router


Hold down the reset button on the back - reports around the Internet have suggested holding down for 30+ seconds, so we did just that.

Upon releasing the reset button, the router resets itself to factory settings.

Connect a computer to the 2700HG-B and browse to the URL




Enter a new password, confirm it and enter a password hint at the bottom of the page, in case you forget the password.

At this stage you might receive a "Page Not Found" error, (2wire-002.png) but the password appears to be set successfully.

To continue, manually browse to the URL.

Home Page (summary) - 2wire-003.png

Run System Setup Wizard

Enter key code 5225 2374 WG62 22AS BJ7P (from to set up manual config


Choose TIme Zone -> Next

2wire-005.png shows BT-based config info
2wire-006.png shows how to config the page for Be/O2 connections (static IP)

Exit Registration when connected to Internet



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