Create snmp host and community

$ create snmp comm community public ro
$ create snmp host community public ip

Install APACHE

In httpd.conf change the document root to DocumentRoot "D:/wwwroot"

Install ActivePerl

Install MRTG
Unzip mrtg and place folder under progs

Follow the guide for windows on that page


add the command --ifref=ip

perl cfgmaker public@ --global "WorkDir: d:\wwwroot\mrtg" --output mrtg.cfg --ifref=ip

GO TO mrtg.cfg

# or for NT
# WorkDir: c:\mrtgdata

change to
WorkDir: d:\wwwroot\mrtg


Add the daemon command

If youre not running windows server edition , you will probably need to install

srvany and instsrv and create a reg file.
If you dont have them you can download and use the ones I have.

Microsoft Tools SRVANY.exe (Applications as Services Utility) and INSTSRV.exe (Service Installer) -
copy to mrtg/bin

Create the registry file.
The one in the zip file uses the following paths which will need to be edited if you have used different file paths.

"Application"="c:\\program files\\perl\\bin\\wperl.exe"
"AppParameters"="c:\\program files\\mrtg\\bin\\mrtg --logging=eventlog c:\\program files\\mrtg\\bin\\mrtg.cfg"
"AppDirectory"="c:\\program files\\mrtg\\bin\\"

Then from command prompt
C:\Program Files\MRTG\bin>instsrv MRTG c:\progra~1\mrtg\bin\srvany.exe

now import the reg key.