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Browser Exploit Check

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If you came to this page without any warning notification being displayed,
then your PC may be unprotected.

If the address bar above displays you are highly vulnerable to attack!

Internet Explorer Users

Failed You should not be at this page and need to apply the IE patch KB832894 which can be downloaded here or is now part of Windows XP SP2

failed More info on this exploit can be found at the Microsoft site here

Mozilla browsers (Firefox, Netscape etc)

Partial vulnerability to this exploit but doesnt fully mask the url, and therefore the exploit is not considered as serious as within Internet Explorer.

  • The url should not be disguised in navigation bar and the address should show as
  • Recent editions of FireFox and other Mozilla browsers should have also given you a warning pop-up before navigating to this page.

Firefox exploit test  pass

Opera Users

  • The url should not be disguised in navigation bar and should show as
  • You should have given you a warning pop-up before visiting this page.

opera exploit check  pass

Other Browsers

pass  Ensure that the url in the navigation bar is not disguised and is correctly shown as
fail  If the address bar shows, then your browser is vulnerable.


This page was orginally written in 2004 to help identify unprotected Internet Explorer browsers which may be vulnerable to attack. Since then it has been adapted to identify other browsers, and actually identified a major flaw in the Safari browser on the same day of release, even before news of such vulverability hit the headlines.



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