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Scare Tactics

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One thing that annoys me is how certain software manufacturers try and use scare tactics to get people to buy their software by making users think they can access certain information on their PC.

A typical example would be by showing a surfer say the contents of their c drive making out that its the company that has accessed this information. This is not true and its only YOU that can see this information locally on your machine.

To show how they do this I show 1 example below.
Please note that I cannot see or record this information in any way.

Note: Adobe have now updated their flash player so these scripts no longer work if you are using a latest version of Flash.

The Program Files on your computer:-

If you would like to see some more examples click here.

In fact just about any Folder on your PC is accessible including Temp Internet Files, My Pictures, Favourites, Control Panel, Application Data and Windows System Files.

To display these items they use a simple Flash script, which can only call up these items locally (on your own PC), and in no way is this information transmitted over the Internet in the way which they would have you believe.

If you would like to know what other information is available from your PC you may be interested in my Browser Sys Info Page

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