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ISP RATINGS - Total Summary Graph

 AAISP  70 
 Utility Warehouse  70 
 Post Office  65 
 IDNet  65 
 Zen  64 
 SSE  63 
 Origin  63 
 Uno  61 
 Pulse8  58 
 Plusnet  50 
 Sky  47 
 BT  43 
 TalkTalk  38 
 Vodafone  31 
 EE  30 
 Virgin Media  25 
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Rate Your ISP

Graph shows the average total score for all ratings shown as a percentage.

Ratings are made in the following 5 categories:

~ Speed
~ Customer Support
~ Reliability of Service
~ Value for Money
~ Overall Satisfaction

Currently showing: Two years
Fixed line only for active ISPs.

You can change these options.
Hover mouse over bars to see no of ratings for a particular ISP.
- More votes per ISP is likely to give a more accurate result.
These figures are intended as a guide based on ratings by visitors to this site. As with any survey, it may or may not be reflective of total usage in the UK.
All ISP tabular Summary
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