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Checkers Broadband Checker adsl and broadband availability. Checks line and exchange information.
  Max Speed Calculator Estimates the maximum speed on your line for maxdsl and LLU adsl2+
  ADSL - Order Status Check your order status
  ADSL - RAG Test BT RAG test - what it is and explanation of the codes
  ADSL - Service Status adsl service status checkers showing exchange status and BT MSOs.
Connecting ADSL Filters Types of Filters and splitters
  Install Filters How to install filters
  ADSL - DUN How to make a manual DUN connection for adsl
  Router Set-up How to manually configure and set up a router.
Networking Networking adsl Networking info
  Wireless Networking Wireless Networking
  What is my IP Address Get your Public and Private IP Address and your rDNS
  IP Addresses Explanation of the different types of IP addresses you may come across
  Static IP -v- dynamic Difference between static and dynamic IP address.
  Types of Connectors Types of UK telephone plugs and Network connectors
How it works How it works - Local How ADSL works 1 - Local
  How it works - BT Network How ADSL works 2 - The BTw Network
  How it works - ISP Network How ADSL works 3 - The ISP Network
  Inside the Exchange Information & photos of telephone + adsl equipment inside the exchange.
  ADSL Technology & DMT How ADSL works on the telephone line - info about DMT + bit loading.
  BT Centrals Information about the BT Central Pipes
  ADSL - Types The different types of adsl provisioning - IPStream, Datastream and LLU
  Broadband Access Market OFCOM Broadband Access Market Classification
  BT Sockets Info on the different types of BT telephone sockets and connectors in the UK
  ADSL - Which RAS How to find out which RAS you are on.
  CBC v UBC v SBC Discussion about Capacity based Charging
  Adsl History Notes a few internet notes as reminder to myself
  Adsl - About BT Discussion of the different divisions in BT
DSL Max MaxDSL Information about maxdsl
  How Max DSL works How MaxDSL works using Data Line Management.
  IP and bRAS profile Explanation and information about the bRAS and IP Profile
  Interleaving How MaxDSL uses Interleaving and what it is.
  MaxDSL - The Reality My experience of MaxDSL
21CN 21CN FAQs An introduction & FAQ about BTs 21 Century Network
  21CN Network Topology An overview of BT's 21st Century Network Technology and topology
  21CN Core & Metro Nodes A list of BT 21CN Core and Metro Node Locations.
Data trans Data Transmission How adsl data is transmitted
  Data Error Control How adsl errors are detected and corrected
Problems Connection Problems Common connection problems
  Troubleshooting adsl troubleshooting adsl connections
  Low SNR Problems Symptoms of low SNR and associated problems.
  REIN Faults Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise (REIN)
  Improve your connection How to improve your adsl broadband connection speed
  BT self install about BTw self install
  BT Test LogOn Test your connection
Line Stats ADSL Line Stats How to interpret your line stats.
  How to get your line stats Get your line stats from the Speedtouch 330 and various other routers and modems.
  Low SNR Problems Symptoms of low SNR and associated problems.
  Line stats - explanation Explanation of what the figures and statistics from your router mean
  Linestats - errors Explanation of what the error figures and statistics from your router mean
Speed test Speed Testers a List of broadband speed testers.
  BTw SpeedTest How to do a BTw speedtest to check your line.
  BTw Performance Tester How to do a BTw performance test which shows you your bRAS profile
  adsl speeds Understanding adsl speeds and what they mean
  Slow Speeds What to do if you get slow speeds.
  Acceptable Speeds Defined limits of what are classed as acceptable speeds by BT
MTU Tweaking - MTU How to tweak your PC for optimum speed
  Tweaking - MTU Settings Some suggested MTU settings
  Vista MTU tweaking Tweaking Windows Vista MTU
  Vista TCP tweaks Some Vista TCP tweaks and Auto tuning settings.
  MTU Problems MTU problems, the symptoms and causes of MTU problems
  Tweaking - MTU Explained MTU and RWIN Tweaking explained
Contention Contention - Intro Intro on contention
  Contention - Info Contention info
  Contention - analogy An analogy of how adsl is a shared resource and how contention works.
  Contention - Status Check your exchange status
Choosing ISP - Choosing Choosing an ISP
  ISP - How I Chose my ISP How I choose my ISP
  ISP's - Why Why I choose Plusnet
  ISP - Market Share Details of who are the largest ISPs and which ISPs own / took over other ISPs
Prices ISP Prices ISP and product pricing list
  ISP Product Price Compare Search and compare prices from over 125 products from 25 UK ISPs
Ratings ISP - Rate Rate your ISP
  ISP Ratings ISP Rating results
  ISP Compare Ratings Compare ISP Ratings
  ISP review ratings View an ISP ratings
  ISP Rating Summary ISP Review Rating Summary of Results
Caps FUPs ISP - FUPs & Caps List of UK ISP's capping and fair usage policies and Network performance
  ISP - "Unlimited Usage" The truth about "Unlimited Usage" and which ISPs (don't) offer it.
ISP Info ISP - Detailed Information Detailed information on various Internet Service Providers
  ISP Contact Details List of ISPs with contact details, phone nos and other ISP information
  DNS Servers DNS Servers and Mail Servers for UK ISP's
Set up AOL Setup How to set up a router with AOL adsl
  Be O2 Setup How to set up your own router with Be or O2
  TalkTalk Setup TalkTalk Set up connection and modem information
  Sky Connection FAQ Common questions about the Sky Broadband Box router.
  Tiscali LLU test Tiscali LLU & datastream login test to check for tiscali LLU or datastream
Moving Migration and MAC key Information about Migrating and getting your MAC key.
  Moving house with adsl Information on moving house and moving your adsl connection.
Site Tools Download calculator Calculates the time to download files
  Browser Exploit Check browser for url spoofing
  Browser Info Information that is displayed via your browser.
Internet Internet - Port List List of common ports
  Internet - Repair TCP/IP How to repair TCP/IP
  Virus Alerts Latest Virus definitions
  Virus Map Virii around the world
Conversion Conversion - Metric Imperial to metric conversions
  Conversion - Ext Ascii Extended Ascii characters
  Conversion - Hex Colour Hex Colour chart
  Conversion - Binary Text Convert binary to text
  Binary Watch Geeks watch (binary time)
Rants Virus Rant Why you should protect your PC
  E-mail Rant The dangers of using Bcc + fwd
  Fwd Mail dangers of fwd mail
  Protection 2 Why AV and a firewall is essential.
  Scare Tactics How some sites con you into purchasing their "protection software"
Security AntiVirus + Firewall AV and Firewall software
  Anti Spy + Malware Tools Tools against spy and malware
  Security Checks Free security scans
System System - Info System Information Tools
  System - Clean Up Clean up your system
  System - Tools System Tools and Utilities
Internet Internet - Browser Browser Tools
  Internet - E-mail Free email software and e-mail tools + add ons
  Internet - Download Mon Free Download bandwidth monitors
  Internet - Networking Networking Tools
Media Multi-Media Multi-media Apps
  Graphics - Apps Free graphics apps
  Graphics - Filters Free graphics filters and plugins
Other Other Other useful apps
Generic Router Line Stats A brief outline of router line stats and what they are.
  Log line stats Details of routerstats which is a line stat logging tool for your router.
  Telnet Router How to telnet into your router CLI
  DMT v7 DMT Tool v7 Tutorial - How to set up and use DMT v7
  DMT v8 DMT Tool v7 Tutorial - How to set up and use DMT v8
  Log DMT line stats Use DMT tool to log and record your router linestats.
Specific BT Voyager 205  
  - Voyager 205 BT Voyager 205 Router information.
  - Disable Ports How to block access to certain ports on the Voyager 205
  - Stealth all ports How to stealth all ports on the Voyager 205
  - Use the CLI How to log into the CLI on the Voyager 205
  - CLI commands Common CLI commands for the voyager 205.
  - Set SNTP How to set up the time on the Voyager 205.
  - NAT rules How to set port forwarding rules for the Voyager 205
  - restrict access Restrict internet acccess for an IP address on the Voyager 205
  Router - Set IGMP How to set up IGMP for multicast on the Voyager 205
  Router - Page Errors What to do if you find you get a lot of page errors or missing images.
  Voyager 2100/2110/2091  
  - 2100 CLI CLI access and shell access for the Voyager 2100 2110 and 2091
  - DMT Tool Using the DMT tool to change your target SNR on the 2100, 2110, 210
  2100 pingable How to make the BT Voyager 2100, 2110, 2091, 210 pingable
  Belkin routers  
  - access hidden pages How to access hidden commands and pages on belkin routers.
  DSL-G624T tracert problem D_Link DSL-G624T unable to perform a tracert - Solution.
  Huawei SmartAX  
  - Huawei SmartAX MT882 Information on the talktalk supplied Huawei SmartAX MT882
  Netgear DG834G/GT  
  DG834G Interleaving How to check the DG834G to see if interleaving has been applied on line
  DG834G with MRTG Perl scripts to graph line stats using MRTG with the Netgear DG834G
  DG834GT - Be O2 setup How to set up the Netgear DG834G DG834GT for Be O2
  DGT834GT Target SNR How to over-ride the target SNR on the dslam using the DG834GT
  SAR110 + SAR130  
  - SAR110 + SAR130 Solwise SAR110 + SAR130 Router information.
  - Disable Ports How to block access to certain ports on the SAR110
  - Stealth all ports How to stealth all ports on the SAR110
  - Use the CLI How to log into the CLI on the SAR110
  - CLI commands Common CLI commands for the SAR110.
  - Set SNTP How to set up the time on the SAR110
  - NAT rules How to set port forwarding rules on the SAR110
  - restrict access Restrict internet acccess for an IP address on the SAR110
  Router - Set IGMP How to set up IGMP for multicast on the SAR110
  Router - Page Errors What to do if you find you get a lot of page errors or missing images.
  Sky Router  
  Flash Sky router DG834GT How to flash the DG834GT skyrouter with generic Netgear Firmware
  Flash Sky router DG934G How to flash the DG934G skyrouter with generic Netgear Firmware
  Speedtouch Routers  
  Speedtouch CLI Useful CLI commands for the speedtouch 585 and other Speedtouch routers
  2 Wire Routers  
  2Wire 2700HG 2Wire 2700HG overview
  2Wire 2700HGV review Review of the 2Wire 2700HGV
  2Wire 2700HGB reset How to reset a 2Wire 2700HGB
Tutorial PING How to use the PING command
  Tracert How to perform a tracert
  Save ping and tracert results How to save ping and tracert results
Email E-Mail - FAQs Common E-Mail Questions
  E-Mail - View Headers How to view e-mail headers.
  E-Mail - Use Telnet How to use telnet to send and receive mail
  E-mail - New mail box How to create a new mailbox in Outlook Express
Surfing Browser - FAQs Common Browser Questions
  Browser - Google It Tips on using Google
  Spellbound 4 Firefox How to install Spellbound with Firefox 1.5
Security Hosts File How to use the Hosts File to block or access websites
  Uninstall NAV How to uninstall Norton AntiVirus
  Protection Protecting your PC
  Virus Questions Common Questions about viruses, worms and trojans
  Help Im Infected What to do if you are infected with a virus or malware.
Other Router - ICQ How to set up ICQ behind a NAT router.
  Winrar - Split large files How to split large files into smaller file size chunks
  WordPress Installation How to install WordPress on PlusNet ccgi servers
  BB Code for forums BB Code for Forum software
  FAQs Quick faqs
  Windows - Shortcuts List of some common Windows keyboard shortcuts
FTP Server FTP Server 1 - Install How to install an FTP server.
  FTP Server 2 - User config How to config users for an ftp server
  FTP Server 3 - Access rules How to set access rules for an ftp server
  FTP Server 4 - NAT router How to config Serv-U for a NAT router
  FTP Server 5 - router config How to config your NAT router
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