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Flashing the Sky DG834GT Router with Netgear Firmware

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Flashing the Sky DG834GT Router with Netgear generic Firmware

This tutorial is intended for information only and you carry out any modifications entirely at your own risk on the understanding that you could cause damage to the router. No support is given for this tutorial.
Please note that I do not condone or advise breaching the T+Cs of your Sky contract.

The following information is also the procedure used on a previously locked sky router bought from ebay and flashed with generic netgear firmware so that it can be used with another ISP.


You will need

If you are running Windows Vista see note at the bottom of this page.

Sky DG834GT Router
  1. Download and extract the Netgear recovery utility to a folder on your hard drive. You will need to use this in a moment.
  2. Download the DG834GT firmware and place the image file into the same folder used in step 1.
reset  sky dg834gt

Flash sky router
  1. Next you will need to put the router into its flash recovery mode.
    To do this, unplug the power lead from the back of the router, then use a pen or similar object to press and hold the small reset switch as shown.
    Plug the power cable back in whilst continuing to hold the reset switch in until the two lights on the front of the router start flashing alternately.

  1. Launch the “Upgrade Wizard” application and click the Next button on the opening screen.
  2. The next screen will list the network cards present in your system. If there is more than one, select the one which is connected to the Sky router. Click Next
  3. With any luck, after a short delay, the next screen will show the 12-digit hexadecimal MAC address of the router it has discovered on the network.
  4. You will next be presented with a screen showing summary information about your router.
DG834GT upgrade wizard
  1. Before clicking next ensure that all other applications are closed on your computer. This is to minimise the risk of the computer crashing during the upgrade process.
  2. Click "Upgrade". The utility will perform the firmware upgrade and then verify the contents of the EEPROM.
  3. Once the upgrade has completed, the utility will display a message indicating that the upgrade has been successfully completed. Click on Close to exit the upgrade wizard.

The router may retain the original sky login details of admin/sky.
This can be cleared by doing a hard reset by holding the reset button for 10 seconds, which will revert to the default Netgear settings. It is strongly recommended that you change the default login settings anyhow.

install DG834G firmware


Default DG834GT Router Settings:

IP =
Username = admin
Password = password

Default Sky Router Settings:

IP =
Username = admin
Password = sky

Note for Windows Vista Users.  

Some users have reported difficulties upgrading when Using Windows Vista.
It is therefore strongly recommended that if you use Vista, to upgrade using an XP machine or alternatively set RmDrv.exe and UpgradeWizard.exe to run in compatability mode.

DG834GT Upgrade Folder


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