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DLink DSL-G624T - Tracert Problems

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There have been several recent reports whereby users of the D-Link DSL-G624T are not able to perform valid tracert and each hop is timing out.

There could be several reasons for this.

D-Link DSL-624T

~ Ensure its not a software firewall blocking access.

~ Ensure that its not an MTU problem and that ICMP isn't turned off in the router.

From the web interface   
Default username login "admin" password "admin".

> Click "Advanced".
> Click "Firewall" on the left hand side.
> Under Service Filtering
> Uncheck ICMP for LAN.
> Uncheck PING from external network.
> Click Apply.

> Click "Tools" at the top Navigation
> Click "System" on the left hand side.
> Click Save and Reboot
> Click OK to Save and Restart.

~ Check that you have the latest Firmware version installed.

There's also a possible bug in V3.02xxx version.
Latest version available via D-link website V3.10B01T02.UK-A.20070628


Older versions available from dlink ftp site
V3.10B01T02.UK-A.20070613 from
Note: This version uses a new GUI and therefore any config backups may not work as expected.


Thanks to "scillonian" for making users aware of the firmware version available via ftp.

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