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Voyager 205 - NAT rule. (Port forwarding)

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Set up Port Forwarding for the BT Voyager 205

This example shows how to set port forwarding rules for ICQ but can be adapted for any other application.

From the "Services" Tab select "NAT"

Kitz nat rule 1

From the NAT options drop down list select "NAT rule entry"

kitz NAT rule entry2

Click the "Add" button and a new window will open.
Insert the following details :-

  • Rule Flavor = RDR
    (The redirect rule allows incoming connections on your public IP address with a specific port number to be redirected to a LAN private IP and port no.)
  • Rule ID = Enter a different Rule No for each rule.
    (A different rule no must be allocated for each rule with priority given to the lowest number.)
  • IF Name = ALL
    (You can enter a specific protocol such as TCP or UDP if required).
  • Local Address From = Enter the LAN IP no which the packets are to be forwarded to.
  • Local Address To = Enter the LAN IP no which the packets are to be forwarded to.
    (a different LAN IP address could be entered in here which would forward to all PCS within that range)
  • Global Address From = Leave Default zeros
    (You could insert the static IP no allocated by your ISP in here, leaving it blank is recommended if you are on a dynamic IP)
  • Global Address To = Leave Default zeros
    (used to specify a range of IP addresses).
  • Destination Port From = Any other port = specify the port number or 1st port no in a range.
  • Destination Port To = Any other port = specify the port number ot last port in a range.
  • Local Port = Any other port = 0
    (used for mapping a range of ports to one single port)
  • Click Submit
  • Commit changes in the admin tab.
    You may also need to reboot your router for some rules to work properly.


kitz - NAT3

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