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Setting Up an FTP Server

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There are a couple of Freebie FTP servers out there however I used Serve U which can be downloaded from
There is a free download which is a corporate edition for 30 days which after this time converts to the personal addition and is free for personal users only.

These instructions show how to set up your PC for Serve-U, but you should be able to adapt these instructions for any FTP client.

There are several stages to setting up an FTP server and I will go through each stage at a time.


1. Preparing your PC

- Directory Structure.

There are different ways of doing this & there is no real right or wrong, you can adapt it to how suits you. - Some pple create separate folders for each user.

But for me I find it easier to have a general "software" folder, which has 2 sub folders:-
1 of which I allow downloads only (Apps)
1 which pple can upload files to. (Uploads)

kitz - ftp1  dir structure

You will find the way what's best for you but the user config examples below are based upon the above directory structure.

If you want to change it at a later date you can do.

- Installing the software

From what I can remember the software install ran without any hitch, and I just simply followed the wizard to enter my IP no + server name (myname) etc.

See next page to set up user configuration.

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