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Setting up an FTP Server - Part 2

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User configuration.

Create a user

Right click on "users" >>>
New User Enter the user name >>> next Enter Password >>> next
For Home directory browse to the folder you wish to share. Lock user in home directory: - Yes >>> Finish.

Allowing Folder Access.

Click on the user name
Go to the Dir Access Tab
The folder for the home directory should already be listed.

folder access

D:\ software is where the users enter when they first connect, and as such is the "home directory". Leave the settings as Read and List. Make sure "Inherit" is not checked.

We now need to create some new rules so that users can access different parts of the software folder.

Click on the add button towards the bottom left of the config screen.

A new window opens browse to the Apps folder click finish Repeat the process for the uploads folder.

You should now have the following


See the next page for creating directory access rules and permissions


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