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DSL Line Stats from your router

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Most adsl modems and routers will enable you to view certain information about the status of your broadband connection. These figures can often be very helpful when trying to diagnose adsl problems and faults.

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  • Details of how to get your line stats from the most common routers and modems can be found on the page - How to get your line stats.

  • The most important figures you will need to check the condition of your broadband connection are
~ Sync Speed (Connection Speed)
~ Attenuation (atten)
~ SNR Margin (Noise Margin, Margin)
~ Details of any CRC/HEC errors or errored seconds may also be helpful
  • Explanation about these figures and what they mean can be found in the adsl section -
    How to interpret your adsl Line Stats

  • Analysing adsl line stats properly and being able to spot problematic areas often takes background knowledge or practice.  If you get stuck please do feel free to ask on the site forum, where someone may be able to help you.


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