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Thanks to Mapoo for kindly making the following information available to all, which is taken from an AOL support e-mail sent to him.

Generic Router Settings

AOL now supports the use of ADSL router on your Broadband connection, which allows the sharing of a single DSL line simultaneously between multiple computers.

AOL can provide no further assistance or support while you are setting up or troubleshooting any issues you may have with your broadband router, apart from the settings listed below.

When setting up a router, you will be prompted to enter certain details that govern the type of connection you establish. Depending on the hardware setup you have, the method for entering these details will differ. However it is likely you will be prompted to enter them during the installation of your router.

Some router installation guides will automatically enter some of these details for you, so it is possible that you will not be prompted for them at all. In other cases the naming of the options will be different so it is advised that if you have problems, please refer to the documentation included with your DSL router. Below are all the essential settings that AOL use to setup Broadband Routers.

Depending on your router some of these settings may be named differently, please consult your routers documentation if your require assistance when setting it up.

Connection Protocol: PPPoA (VCMUX or VCBASED)
[Update 2007:- AOL are now recommending PPPoE. But since the BTw backhaul uses PPPoA, unless you are on AOL LLU I'd still recommend PPPoA]
VPI: 0
VCI: 38
(VPI/VCI): 0,38
Authentication: CHAP

The Following settings are set to automatic or get automatically from ISP,
On some routers you may have to leave these fields blank:
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Domain Name Server (DNS) Addresses

MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit): 1400
MRU (Maximum Receive Unit): 1400
Update July 2007: - AOL now recommend 1450

Username: your
Password: your password

Important Information about your username/password settings:
Screen Name Information:
We recommend that you create a new Screen Name which your router can use to connect to AOL - because if you use an existing Screen Name from another location, your router will lose its connection to AOL.

When entering your screen name/username on your router it must follow the four rules below:
1. You must enter your Screen Name in lowercase letters
2. Your Screen Name must be in the format of your AOL e-mail address, i.e.: your
3. Your Screen Name must not contain any spaces
4. The Screen Name must have General (18+) Parental Controls access (not Mature Teen, Young Teen or Kids Only)

Please note that the new Screen Name you create should use a password that follows the three rules in the next section.

Password Information:
When entering your password on your router it must follow the three rules below:
1. The password must be between Six to Eight characters long (i.e.: if it has nine characters you will need to change it)
2. The password must consist of letters and numbers only (i.e. no special characters, such as ! £ ? % and spaces).
3. The password must be all lower case (no CAPITALS allowed).

Wireless Setup:
If you require assistance setting up wireless on your router please consult the documentation that came with your router otherwise contact the manufacturer.

Please note that the AOL Member Services support number is changing on August 1st 2005 and from this date calls to AOL Member Services will be subject to a charge. See AOL Keyword: SupportMe for details.

Until then, you can still call our freephone number on 0800 376 5432

Kind Regards,
AOL Tech Support

Mapoo also offered the following additional advice:-

I just got some more help for you, I dont know if you will get this problem but for some reason the Web Pages would not connect every so often and also couldnt connect to AOL 9.0 but I were allowed on MSN as long as I wanted lol lol anyway phoned AOL they could not help me because they didnt know what the problem was but tried there best and he told me to call D-LINK I did call em and he gave me this to do...

Open your NETWORK CONNECTIONS, Right Click your mouse on the Local Area Connection, Click Properties, go to Internet Protocol (TCI/IP) highlight it and press Properties, Check "Obtain an IP address Automaticly, then further down put check in the box for " Use the following DNS server Addresses:

Preferred DNS server: 192 . 168 . 1 . 1

Alternate DNS server: 4 . 2 . 2 . 2

If you do this the D-Link Connects nice and Smooth and suppose to be a better connection to AOL, It works here and never had a problem since, Try it

Thanks to dougc for making me aware that from Jul 2007 AOL now recommend PPPoE and MTU 1450 as per their new set up guide here.


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