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If you're having problems connecting to the internet via ADSL*, you can check your line to see if the problem lies with your ISP or not.

The bt_test login bypasses connection with your ISP and allows you to browse to the test site ""

From here you should also be able to perform a number of tests such as verifying your line performance, download files and check video, audio and flash.

To log into the site you may need to change your router or modem settings to the following:-

User Name : bt_test_user@startup_domain
Password : (leave blank)

You will also need your customer name, EIN and circuit ID... or use
000000000 as the EIN
99999999999999 as the circuit ID

*This test only works for users of BTw IPStream products.

  • bt_test_user@startup_domain is terminated at the RAS
  • terminates on the BT LTS


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