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IP Query

A simple tool that displays your Host name and local IP address

Download from here.
(66 KB)

Ping Plotter

Enhanced traceroute program.
It also adds some great features (graphing, enhanced statistics, long term monitoring, alerts, etc.).

ping plotter Home Page and download site.


Combination Ping and tracert utility.

Has additional options and you can leave this running continuously if you like.

win MTR

Download here (128 KB)

Cyber Kit 3

Collection of network tools.
Includes:- Ping, TraceRoute, Finger, WhoIs, Quote of the Day, NSLookUp, Time Synchronizer, PortScanner, NetInfo and MailChecker.

Download from here (1.45MB)

Sam Spade

Collection of nework tools

Ping, nslookup, whois, IP block whois, Dig, Traceroute, Finger, SMTP VRFY,
Web browser, Keep-alive, DNS zone transfer, SMTP relay check
Usenet cancel check, website download, website search, email header analysis,
Email blacklist query, Abuse address query, S-Lang scripting, Time.

Sam Spade Home-site

Sam Spade Download or here (1.73 MB)

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