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Bulletin Board Code for Forums

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On several forums I've visited I see some people struggle to understand how to insert such things as hyperlinks to other sites.

Unfortunately it is often very hard on a forum itself to actually show the code to use on a forum - as soon as you type the correct code, what you are trying to show becomes reality and the other person can't see how you achieved this.  I've compiled this page in html so you can see what BB code you need to use.

Please note that not all forums allow all of these codes and there may be some slight variations across different forum software. All of the code below should work on SMF forums.


Example Code Result
Insert Links
Insert Link [url=]Site Name[/url] Site Name
Opens in new window
  [iurl=]Site Name[/iurl] Site Name
Opens in same browser window
  [anchor=GINP]What is G.INP?[/anchor] Creates an anchor point in a post which can later be directly linked to eg
What is G.INP?
Insert an image
Insert image


   How to insert an image into a forum
  Note: Some forums may use [image] tag rather than [img]
The enclosed url must link to an image that is already hosted on the Internet.
See here for more information about how to upload one of your own images to the Internet
Text Formatting
bold text [b] Bold Text[/b]  Bold Text
Itallic text [i] Itallic Text [/i]  Itallic Text
underline text [u] Underlined text [/u]  Underlined Text
striked text [s] Striked Text [/s]  Striked Text
Text Colour
  [color=red] Red text [/color]
 Red text
glow text [glow=yellow,10] Highlight some text [/glow]  Highlight  some  text
  Note:  various colours may be used such as red, green, yellow, fushia, etc. 
The second parameter in [glow] dictates the size of the surrounding highlight.
Text Size
text size [size=8pt] Small text at 8pt [/size] Small text at 8pt
  [size=large] Larger text [/size] Larger Text       
  Note: size can either be passed using standardised pt sizes
or you can use the options: x-small, small, large, x-large
Text Alignment
left align [left] text [/left] text
center align [center] text [/center]
right align [right] text [/right]
preformatted text [pre] pre  formatted       text [/pre]
pre formatted      text 
  Note: Pre-formatted text uses fixed width characters and should retain any white space
quote [quote]This is a quote[/quote]


quote [quote="kitz"]kitz said blah blah blah[/quote]

quote user
/me  /me is happy  *kitz is happy
Bullet Points & Lists
[*]Bullet Point
  • Bullet Point
insert list [list]
[li]Item 1[/li]
[li]Item 2[/li]
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
ordered list [list type=decimal]
[li]Item 1[/li]
[li]Item 2[/li]
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
insert code

[code]Preformatted Code with correct spacing

abcde        123       £10.99
blah          4567      £11.99
more blah   890000   £ 8.50

sample code
Is similar to [pre] but text is wrapped in a code box
  [php]<?php echo "Hello world!"; ?>[/php] <?php echo "Hello world!"; ?>
  [nobbc][b] BB Code [/b][/nobbc]  [b] BB Code [/b]     (Doesn't parse BBcode)
  [acronym=Signal to Noise Ratio]SNR[/acronym]  SNR ?      (Hovering will show the acronym)


Last updated Apr 2016

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