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Disable Unused Ports

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IP Filter Rule
(Firewall Rules)

By default the router is shipped with certain ports open and it is important to close or stealth them if they are not being used. These ports are :-

Port 21 TCP (FTP)
Port 23 TCP (Telnet)
Port 80 TCP (HTTP)
Port 53 UDP (DNS) see below

The following example shows you how to stealth your telnet port.
You should repeat the following steps with each of the above ports using a new "Rule ID" number for each rule you apply.

BT Voyager 205
Advanced >>
Security >>
IP Filter >>


kitz filter rule

Click the submit button then make sure the IP Filter config is set as:-

Filter config

submit the changes then commit the changes in the admin tab.

Update 01/04/06

It is also recommended that you disable UDP 53 incoming to prevent your router being used as an open recursive DNS server. When enabled the rule should look something like this:

IP Filter rule

To stealth all ports see the next page.



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