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Telnet into your router

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Most routers will allow you to telnet into your router to gain additional information about your line.

Some routers such as the Netgears need you to enable debug mode from the web interface first,
whilst some ISP supplied routers (such as sky) have telnet disabled.

To start a telnet session

From Start >> run type

(or your routers IP address)

run telnet

telnet login
  Next you will need to enter the login name
and password for your router.

If the login was sucessful you will be presented with the routers CLI (Command Line Interface).

telnet router

Any changes you make in the CLI are done at your own risk.

Enabling Telnet in Windows 7
By default Telnet is not installed in Windows 7, but it can easily be enabled by doing the following:

Start >
Control Panel >
All Control Panel Items >
Programs and Features >

From the left menu >
Click the link which says
   "Turn Windows features on or off" >

windows 7 programs and features

This will now open a new window named
   "Windows Features"

Scroll down until you see "Telnet Client"
Tick the checkbox >

Click "OK"

windows7 turn telnet on

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