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Do you ever have problems getting the best search results?
Below are some tips when searching.
  •  My search engine by choice is google.
    It has regional variants other than,
    so for eg, if you are in the uk, use

  •  Use " + " when searching.
    Normally when you enter multiple words in the search box, the results shown will be pages that contain any of the words that you entered.
    Using the + symbol will show sites that have all the words that you entered in the search box.
    kitz +adsl

  •  Use quotes " " when searching.
    Using quotation marks around a set of words will find those words strung together, say in a sentence on a website.
    "This section includes various tutorials"

  •  Use " - " when searching.
    Sometimes when searching, sites may be returned with results that you do not wish.
    Inserting a minus symbol directly before the word excludes results being returned that use that particular word.
    kitzophrenic -yellow

  •  Get the Google toolbar.
    The toolbar sits quietly on your browser waiting for words to be typed directly into it, and saving having to navigate to the google site first.

kitz googlebar

Some other benefits are:-

Popup stopper

Blocks pop-ups unless instructed otherwise for specific sites.
kitz blocked   or   kitz not blocked

Spell check /

Image Finder

kitz spellcheck

Word high-lighter

High-lights words on page, or jump directly to that word.
kitz highlite

Link: (who links to the site)
define: (define the word)
site: (site search) - example: snr

Language Translator

Full list of google advanced operators



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