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How I chose my ISP

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When I found out our exchange was to be enabled for adsl, I spent a long time doing research as to what ISP I felt would be best for me.

I had certain important criteria:-
• Reliable service and good customer service record.
• Decent cap.  
• Decent amount of Webspace.
• Static IP address. (many ISPs charge extra for this).
• No extortionate premium rate phone numbers for support.
• Needed to be able to support a network.

I read up as much as I could and I also rang round a few ISPs and asked lots of questions about their packages.

By this time I had a shortlist of several ISPs that I was thinking of going with.  

Now was the time to start looking at the "total cost of ownership."
~ This figure is how much it would cost me to be with an ISP for my 1st year of broadband and included the cost of equipment, monthly ISP fees and also the cost of enabling my line for adsl.
Its important to remember that BTw charge the ISP £47 for each new adsl connection, so the ISP will be looking at recovering this cost some where along the line.

There were a few ISPs that seemed to be offering good deals by giving a free usb modem and discounted connection fees.  Some of these offers looked very tempting, but its surprising how much more you may be paying in monthly fees, making the total cost more.

This part can be very confusing, and there is no easy way of doing things apart from trawling through ISP websites with pen, paper and a calculator.

Next I started looking at the extras that some ISPs offered such as the amount of webspace, and one that allows scripting. I was also looking for an ISP that would provide a static IP.

I now had to balance cost against services, and although it would be nice to get a free usb modem, I wasn't too concerned as purchasing a router to support the network without the gateway machine to be would be good.

In the end I decided for my own particular circumstances I would prefer to pay the BTw connection fee up front and purchase my own router, and opt for a 1 month contract.. although I very much appreciate that others people would prefer to go along with what deals ISPs may be offering.

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