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Calculate the approximate time it takes to download files.

File Size

Connection Speed
dial up 56 Kb
ISDN 128 Kb
adsl 512 kbps
adsl 1 Mbps
T1, DS-1 1.5 Mbps
adsl/cable 2 Mbps
adsl/cable 4 Mbps
adsl 8 Mbps
cable 10 Mbps
T3, DS-3 45 Mbps
OC-3 155 Mbps
OC-12 622 Mbps

Calculation is the theoretical maximum throughput and therefore does not take into account overheads and retransmits.
Variations of types of overheads, routing, distances and contention make it impossible to give an estimation of actual throughput.
Below is a rough guide of actual throughput.
Connection Speed File Size Time
dial up 40kb 1MB 4-5 mins
2Mb adsl 240KB 14MB 1 min


For more variable FTTC/FTTP speeds try the Virgin Media Download Calculator


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