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UK Telephone and Network Connectors.

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Types of Connectors

UK Telephone Plug
(British Telecom)
Usually has an RJ11 connector at the other end of the cable for connecting to a telephone device or modem.
BT plug


Used in the UK to connect modems (both dial up and broadband).
Standard US Telephone plug.
Has 4 pins although modem cable may only use 2.

RJ11 plug connector
Used in Networking for joining LAN devices.
Larger version of RJ-45 with 8 pins.
Attaches into a Network card or Network device such as a Network Hub/Switch.
Depending upon the wiring can be used as straight (patch cable) for connecting a computer to a switch/router. Or cross-over for joining 2 PCs or 2 Network switches.

RJ45 plug
Same as above but pre-moulded by the manufacturer to Network cable (CAT5)
Wireless Adapter PCI wireless adapter. Fit into a spare PCI slot in your PC for connecting to wireless devices such as Wireless router or Wireless Access Point.
Version for laptops is called a PCMCIA card.
PCI wireless adapter
USB Wireless Adapter Also called a USB dongle.
Simply plug into a USB port for connecting your PC/Laptop to a wireless device.
USB wireless dongle
RJ-45 Inline Coupler

Used to easily extend the length of network cable by attaching 2 network patch cables.

(Female-to-female connection)

RJ45 inline coupler
RJ-45 Cross-over Inline Coupler

When used with 2 network patch cables converts the whole length to cross-over cable.

(Female-to-female connection)

RJ45 inline crossover coupler
RJ-45 Cross-over adapter

Plugs into an RJ45 (ethernet) port to easily adapt straight ethernet patch cable to cross-over, or vice versa.

(Male-to-female crossover connection).

RJ45 crossover adapter
UK telephone Doubler

Plugs into the telephone socket to split the line into 2 telephone connections for an extension.

If used with adsl don't forget you also need to use an adsl filter.

uk telephone doubler
USB Connector
Type A
For connecting USB devices to the PC.
There are 2 standards :-
USB logo
1.1 which supports up to a maximum speed of 12 Mbps
USB 2.0 can support data transfer of up to 480 Mbps.

USB connector
USB Connector
Type B
Same as above only type B usually plugs into the device you wish to attach to the PC.
There is also a smaller version called Micro or Mini-B which is often used by cameras.
usb connector type B
Bluetooth Adapters
Whilst some PCs may have an internal bluetooth adapter card, most PCs will connect to bluetooth devices using a usb bluetooth dongle. bluetooth logo
bluetooth usb dongle
Powerline Adaptors Plugs into the mains to allow networking without having to run large lengths of network cable. Various powerline adapters are available including wireless and even powerline switches. One device must also be plugged into the mains and attached to your router.
powerline networking


Cable Info
Type Speed Freq (up to) Uses
Telephone Cable
CW1308 - 2 pair
    Telephone cable
Cat 3
Unshielded Twisted Pairs
10 Mbps 16MHz Voice and data
10 Base-T
Cat 4
Unshielded Twisted Pairs
16 Mbps 20 MHz 10 Base-T
Cat 5
Unshielded Twisted Pairs
100 Mbps 100 MHz 10/100 Mbps LANs
Cat 5e - Enhanced
4x Unshielded Twisted Pairs
1000 Mbps 100 MHz Gigabit Ethernet
Cat 6
Unshielded Twisted Pairs
10 Gbps 250 MHz  


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