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How to make an adsl/AOL DUN connection

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The following method enables you to make a new DUN (Dial Up Networking) connection that allows you to be able to connect to AOL if you are on adsl using a USB modem, without having to use ISP software.

Once the connection is made, you can then use either IE or firefox etc to browse.
If you use the AOL IMAP service with Outlook, multiple users on the one aol account can continuously collect their mail without having to use the AOL software.

This method also works for most other ISPs.

To create a new DUN complete the following steps:-

From Control Panel >>
Network Connections >>

In the left hand column under "Network tasks" >>
Click "Create a new connection".

create new connection
The Network Wizard Opens in a new window
Select the following Options:-

   "Connect to the Internet" > Next
   "Set up my connection Manually" > Next
   "Connect using a dial up modem" *

*Even though you have broadband you need to select this option.
Network Wizard
Type in the name of your ISP
   ( eg AOL) >>
Enter the following for the phone no
   0,38 >>
Enter your AOL username >>
Enter your AOL password * >>
* needs to be less than 8 characters for this method to work.
network connection wizard

Congratulations you have just made a new DUN connection :)

Drag a copy of the icon to your desktop which will create a new shortcut that you can simply click each time you wish to connect.


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