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Netgear DG834GT - Be Set up.

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How to set up a Netgear DG834GT to work on Be*

  • Navigate to the router web interface
  • Enter the User Name and Password
    Default UserName = admin. Password = Password.
Netgear DG834GT
  • From the Introduction Screen / Left Hand Menu select "Setup Wizard".
  • Then select the following options
    • Country = UK
    • Language = English
    • Configure Router Myself
  • Click Next

Netgear DG834GT Be Setup Router

  • From ADSL Settings Menu.
  • Select the following options
    • Multiplexing Method = LLC-Based
    • VPI = 0
    • VCI = 101
  • Click Apply
Netgear DG834GT Be setup

  • From Basic Settings Menu
    • Does Connection Require Login = No
  • The sub screen will now change - Enter the following settings:
    • Account Name
      • Leave this field Blank
    • Internet IP Addresses
      • Get Dynamically From ISP
        or if you have elected for a static IP
      • Enter the details provided to you by Be
    • Domain Name Server (DNS) Address
      • Get Automatically
      • Enter the ones provided to you by Be. (eg and
      • Use OpenDNS if you prefer ( and
    • NAT (Network Address Translation)
      • Enable
    • Router MAC Address
      • Use Default Address
        Note:- If you are on a dynamic IP, and have recently been connected, then you may have to either to spoof your BeBox MAC address or wait for your old DHCP lease to expire (appx 30 mins).
  • Click Apply

DG834GT set up for Be O2




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