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After I'd had adsl for a while, I noticed that I had a problem viewing certain sites.
~ Pages would be slow to load, sometimes only partial downloading or even not at all.
~ Images would frequently not all be downloaded, particularly on more graphic intensive sites.

Then I also noticed that whilst trying to view these sites the following symptoms would also occur :-
~ ICQ would temporary disconnect and reconnect
~ FTP Client would disconnect.

I couldn't seem to find a reason for this, and I spent a lot of time trying all sorts of things such as changing RWin and MTU settings, borrowing another router, checking my ISP's routing, proxying through a Zen connection, and it was only when I borrowed another router from chris, that I realised it was the SAR causing my problems.

Below is a list of some of the settings you can change to try and stop this behaviour and resolve the problem.

1). Turning off DoS Protection
      Services >> Firewall

2). Change settings under Services >> NAT >> NAT Global Info :-
      TCP Idle Timeout: 86400
      TCP Close Wait: 60
      TCP Def Timeout: 60
      UDP Timeout: 10
      ICMP Timeout: 5
      GRE Timeout: 300
      Default Nat Age: 240

3). Using the CLI to set "modify nbsize maxipsess 512"
     (by default its set to a low figure in the region of 192).

I first wrote this article in 2004, since then I've found Item 3) usually fixes the problem.
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