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Why I Chose Plusnet

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• Customer Service ~ Their record on AG seemed pretty damn good

• Customer Support ~ 24/7 support at local call rates.

• E-mail ~ Unlimited e-mail addresses, pop-3 , SMTP and Webmail facilities.

• Webspace ~ 250MB Web space CGI/PHP/MySql. Free web hosting for up to 3 domains for free. Free webstats.

• Static IP address ~ No extra charges.

• Networking ~ All PCs can be online at the same time.

• Capping ~ No p2p restrictions. (not available on Home surf). - 2005 Caps/SUP now in place

• Contract ~ 12 months or 1 month option.

• Fax 2 email ~ Get faxes with your own free fax no.

• Only £21.99 per month.

How have they fared?

At the time of writing this I have been with them 2 years.
No ISP is perfect, and the nature of ADSL is that we will have hiccups.

During that time I have found the service very reliable, my uptime was once in excess of 2000 hours when I manually rebooted because I wanted to reconfigure some NAT rules. Many, many, times my uptime is into the high hundreds of hours.

There have been the occasional disconnections but nothing serious and I have mostly been back on line within a couple of minutes.

The ticketing system could be better, but to be fair, they do have a ticketing system, and I believe the response time is better than most others.  Although saying that, I have once used the ticketing system and had a reply back in my inbox in less than 10 mins with the query duly resolved. :o)

If there have been problems, I have found them fairly honest, and they will do their damndest to resolve things, and keep you up to date on the situation, particularly on ADSL guide and their own forums.

On the whole I have been delighted with the service I have received and have no cause for complaint.

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