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Which RAS?

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When having problems, or it may just be curiosity, you may wish to know which RAS you connect via.

There are currently 11 RAS's in the UK which you may be routed through,
Birmingham, Bletchley, Ealing, Edinburgh, Ilford, Kingston, Manchester, Reading Sheffield, Milton Keynes, Faraday.

Don't assume that you will be routed through the RAS nearest your home town, it doesnt work like that and its very possible that different DSLAMS in the same exchange will be routed to different RAS.

Update Jul 2005.

It seems like BTw have been busy doing some major re-routing and many users have found that they now connect via a different RAS than previous, which may make the above lists redundant. It would also appear that locations for 2 new RAS's have suddenly appeared - Milton Keynes and Sheffield, Faraday seemed to also appear in approx 2006?

Best Method

The best way to find out is log off from your ISP's network and log onto the BT domain using the following logon details:-

     User:- speedtest_user@speedtest_domain
     Password:- (none).

Once connected open up cmd and do a tracert to either     or

The first couple of hops should contain the information.

tracert to RAS

Unless you are not a BTYahoo etc customer, you may find that you have some DNS issues when logged onto the btspeedtest site to do the above trace. In which case try the following:-


Keep your cmd window open and then log back on to your ISP's connection and do a lookup using the following command:-

(where is the IP address you got from the traceroute).

manchester RAS

Unfortunately there are a few RAS boxes which are unpingable and wont respond.

From router logs.

Some Speedtouch routers record event logs and the PPP CHAP challenge may tell you which RAS you connect via.
If you have a Netgear router, then you may find the information provided by Jon Green helpful.


esr denotes a ciso router, erx are juniper ERX's



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