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Just a few key dates (mostly as reminders to me) regarding Internet History to adsl
Probably of no interest to anyone else .
(so excuse the poor formatting).

29-01-09 Digital Britain report Proposals for 21CN, broadband access etc - Summary
08-09-08 Disconnection fee BTw increase the ceasation fee to £15.75 (ex VAT)
15-07-08 WBC adsl2+ ADSL 2+ live roll out.
23-08-07 Disconnection fee £39.66 disonnection fee reduced to £5.76 inc VAT
May 2007 BTw pricing changes At long last BTw make a reduction for port costs and central pipe charges.
Connection fee is reduced to £40.96, but a nasty cessation charge of £39.66 is brought in for the first time :(
01-06-06 Migration Trial of LLU to IPStream Migration. Only available to ISPs who also provide LLU
18-05-06 MaxDSL problems Maxdsl bulk upgrades suspended due to problems
31-03-06 MaxDSL Roll out Most exchanges are maxdsl ready for todays rollout.
10-11-05 ADSL Max due BT publishes details of the forthcoming Max beta trial ADSL Guide Newsarchive
09-11-05 adsl2+ UK Online announced up to 22Mbps ADSL2+ service for £29.99 pm
17-10-05 BTw Contention ratio BT remove all references of 20:1 and 50:1 from their products, replacing it with congestion priority.
Aug 2005 Migration Trials commence for simultaneous migrate and regrade speed. Most ISPs live by 2006.
31-05-05 Migration BTw offers single migration between IPStream and DataStream
18-01-05 Home 2000 BT Home 2000 product to go live.
29-11-04 Home 2000 BT Wholesale Home 2000 trial
PN offered at £39.99 2Mb 20:1 Jun 2004.
Oct 2004 Migration BT to automate migration between IPStream ISPs in batches of 10. By March 05 the system should be able to include single migrations.
06-09-04 MK ext reach trials Following the MK trials - The 0.5Mbps test limit abolished
1Mbps service is to have its limit raised from 41dB to 60dB. - link
03-08-04 Home 250 BT IPStream Home 250 Introduced
02-08-04 Migration Process MACs go live.
Apr 2004 Caps - Wanadoo Wanadoo rebrand Freeseve accounts with caps.
1Mb £34.99 30GB. 512k £24.99 15GB.
Mar 2004 Caps - BT BT introduce 512kb service 1GB for £19.99
Mar 2004 Caps - Tiscali Tiscali customers find they are being capped/throttled.
The ISP which advertises unlimited would seem to be throttling users that do in excess of around 20GB pm.
Feb 2004 Caps - BT BT introduce advisory 30GB cap on 512 + 1Mb products
Feb 2004 Caps - NTL Further to their announcement in 2003, NTL contact their heavier users.
"reduce the downstream bandwidth utilised through your cable modem to no more than 1GB per day"
Jan 2004 Caps - BT BT announce plans to introduce 1GB per day
08 Dec 2003 Caps - Virgin 1GB per day max 5GB per week. "The problem is that about 1% of Virgin customers are using 40% of the peak bandwidth".
Dec 2003 1Mb - Contention 1Mb users see contention effects.
11-09-03 Extended reach v1 End user distance from the exchange increased from 5.5 to 6km (55dB -> 60dB)
06-10-03 1Mb adsl 32.99pm 1Mb 50:1 trials
18-08-03 1Mb - Home BTw announce the introduction of a 1Mb service for home users
May/June Contention :(
07-05-03 Wed Finally adsl is activated yay \o/
03-05-03 Bank Holiday w/e Router still not arrived :(
02-05-03 Friday 1.30pm Phone goes dead for nearly an hour
Blah Im sure Im activated but havent got my router to check
30-04-03   Exchange Activated \o/
08-02-03 Caps -NTL NTL introduces a 1GB/day limit on their broadband service offering
Jan/Feb 03 Exchange Trigger reached 440/400 by 14th of February 2003
Nov 2002 BT Anytime is restricted When the new Anytime and Surftime deals start users will be allocated 50 bonus hours
Oct 2002 BT Pushing adsl It costs £29.99 a month and £150 to set up
03-10-02 BT to restrict dial up

£15.99 a month for the Anytime service is now being cut to 150 hours
£6.99 a month Surftime deal being cut to 120 hours

01-07-02 New ADSL checker released Pre-registration scheme which includes details of a trigger level. For those users who can't get ADSL due to not having an enabled exchange, they will now be told the trigger level if one has been set for the exchange. Generally the trigger level is between 200 and 500 pre-orders
13 June 2002 Oftel says UK broadband is cheap! UK broadband prices are below those of most other European countries. UK Consumer prices are on average lower than in countries such as France and Germany and UK business prices are Europe's best.
07-05-02 ADSL Roll out BT plans to upgrade 100 more exchanges over the coming month allowing ADSL services to be rolled out to more than fifty further cities and towns in the UK.
14-12-01 Announcement Wires only trials commence.
28-09-01 Wires Only Installation BTw announce they are to introduce a self install version of adsl which uses microfilters.
27-07-01 ADSL Roll out BTwholesale have 940 exchanges enabled for DSL
30-06-01   81% of people using the internet still connect using a standard fixed phone line via Dialup
8% use BTHighway or ISDN
5% Digital TV, 4% Mobile phone / device, 7% other (6% of that supposedly cable modem-
0.6% of people using the internet in the UK are thought to connect through an ADSL line.
24-01-01 Freeserve prepares to relaunch its unmetered internet In November, Freeserve ejected customers that it claimed had been abusing its unmetered service. By the autumn, the casualties, including LineOne and WorldOnline, were mounting.
26-04-00 BT is launching a new broadband service The UK is still far behind the United States, where ADSL was introduced in 1998.
Among UK telecom operators, only Telewest has already launched its broadband service Called Blueyonder, it is currently available only in cable households in south-east England. It charges £50 a month.
The BT service will cost £39.99 a month for consumers, with an installation fee of £150.
Businesses wanting a single use connection will have to pay VAT on top of those prices.
Multi-user business deals will cost £99.99 a month with a £260 installation charge - both prices are exclusive of VAT. Initial speeds will be up to 512 kilobits per second (kbps), but BT hopes to upgrade to 1 or 2 megabits per second (mbps) by the autumn.
29-02-00 BT Freecall launched Flat rate of £9.99 a month. 6 p.m. till midnight and all weekends
30-11-99   Oftel, has told BT that it will have to allow other telephone companies access to its local phone lines into homes by July 2001... to speed up the introduction of broadband
  Free dial up Remember X-Stream?. The 1st "Free" dial-up
30-07-99 ADSL announcement ADSL trial in West London commence.
29-07-99 ADSL announcement BT's key announcement for consumers on Thursday was on pricing. It revealed it would be selling ADSL at wholesale prices to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) of £40 to £150 a month,




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