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Solwise SAR 110 & 130

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Although the SAR130 is the more recent model, both products have similar functionality and features. However, the recent firmware upgrade for the 110 now supports uPNP.

The SAR110 is a single 10/100BaseT Port Globespan Advanced Router for high-speed Internet access.
It has sophisticated NAT and firewall functions, supports IPsec VPN and IKE.
It uses the new Viking 2 chipset which offers an improved instruction set and higher performance.

Initially functionality for the SAR130 is the same as the SAR110 however the extra capabilities of the Viking 2 chipset has increased performance for possible future expansion. Extremely easy to set-up with exemplary online support and documentation.

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The main features of these router are:
Network address translation (NAT) with configurable settings and 6 rule types.
IP filtering functions to provide firewall protection for your computers and LAN with filtering rules that accept or deny incoming or outgoing data.
Network configuration through DHCP.
User friendly web based configuration .
Simple web based status page displays a snapshot of your system configuration, and links to the configuration pages.
Extensive on-line help shows detailed configuration.
Configurable RIP configuration.
Works with Dynamic or fixed/multiple IP information.
Message forwarding based on Internet Group assignment.
Extensive on screen reports with time stamped IP and performance data.
User definable usernames/passwords for configuration permission.
DHCP server feature with multiple IP pool settings and IP to MAC address assignment.
DHCP relay feature.
DNS relay.
Configurable IP Routes.
DMZ Feature.
Configurable built-in firewall functions. Includes Black List feature, protection to IP Spoofing, Tear Drop, Smurf and Fraggle, Land Attack, Ping of Death, SYN DoS, ICMP DoS, Per-host DoS.


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