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A full list of Port Nos can be obtained from iana but I list some of the more common ports in use today.

Aim Talk    
In TCP 4099
Out TCP 5190
In TCP 20000 to 20019 for one user
In TCP 20000 to 20039 for two users
Out UDP 4000
In ICQ under "Preferences & security", "Preferences" and Connections, click on "I am behind a firewall or proxy" then click on "Firewall Settings". Then select "I don't have a SOCKS Proxy server on my firewall" or "I am using another Proxy server". Click Next. Click "Use the following TCP listen ports for incoming event" and set the TCP ports for 20000 to 20019 for the first user, 20020 to 20039 for the second user, 20040 to 20059 for the third user, etc.
In TCP 1214
  *large port range mIRC help
In (DCC) TCP 1024 - 5000
In (Chat) TCP 6660 - 6669 (usually 6667)
In (IDENT) UDP 113
MSN Messenger    
In TCP 1863
In UDP 1863
In UDP 5190
In (File Send) TCP 6891 - 6900
In (voice) TCP 6901
In (Voice) UDP 6901
Out UDP 6801
One additional UDP and one TCP port in the range of 1 to 30000
must be mapped. Ports 6802 and 6803 are suggested. These
ports must be mapped in your firewall, then set in the Net2Phone client
as follows:
1) Click on Net2Phone's "Menu" button.
2) Select "Preferences".
3) Click on the "Network" tab.
4) Enter 6802 for the Client TCP Port.
5) Enter 6803 for the Client UDP Port.

Paltalk   Paltalk Support
In (Voice Stream) UDP 2090
In (Video Listening) TCP 2091
In (Control Stream UDP 2091
In (File Transfer) TCP 2090
In (File Transfer Old) TCP 2095
Out (Text Messaging) TCP 5001 - 5020
Out (Group Voice) TCP 8100 - 8700
Out (Voice Stream UDP 1024 - 2500
Out (Control Stream) UDP 1024 - 2500
The last 2 UDP outbound ports are usually set in pairs. 1024 - 1025, 1026 - 1027, etc... Most users never have to set these lower two ports. They are dynamically assigned if you leave the lower two boxes set to 0's on the 'paltalk port settings' tab.
Outbound ports are usually not an issue but are listed here for network users who may need to manually configure for a proxy or NAT server or other hardware device.
Yahoo Messenger    
In (Chat) TCP 5000 - 5001
In (Phone) UDP 5055
Common LAN Ports    
FTP Server    
In TCP 21
POP3 Server    
In TCP 110
SMTP Mail Server    
In TCP 25
TELNET Server    
In TCP 23
Web Server    
In TCP 80

More Ports can be found at 
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