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Dont think you need Anti-Virus and a Firewall?

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Most computers are infected within 20 minutes of going online. Most of the time users are unaware that they have been infected and wonder why their computer is running slow and/or pages are taking a long time to load.

Everytime they go on line the virus uses PC processing power and then tries to propagate itself out to other users. To say nothing about how much it could cost you if you are on capped or PAYG Internet connection.

The Register quotes

"The Slammer worm did most of its dirty work in under ten minutes. A half an hour is all it took for Nimda to spread worldwide. The Witty worm took an almost leisurely 45 minutes - but in that time it managed to infect every possible machine in its threat portfolio. And the slowpoke of the bunch is Version 2 of the Code Red worm, which worked for almost 14 hours to infect 359,000 machines, but at one point it was taking over 2,000 new computers every minute, which ain't bad..."

Still dont believe it?

Then watch this short video which shows how a new unprotected PC gets infected within 1 minute of going online.

Download (3.08MB)


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