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Saving PING/Tracert Results

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A common question is how do you save these results or copy them to paste the information elsewhere?

There are several ways which you can do this and I will show you a couple - use which one you find easiest for you.

At the bottom of the page I also show you how to output results to a text file.

Method 1.

Right-click your mouse over the text and you will be presented with a small window.


Select the "Mark" Option.

Then hold your left button down and move the mouse over the text you wish to copy

tracert results

When you have all the text highlighted, right-click your mouse.

You can then paste this information into notepad or where-ever you want.

Method 2.

From the Dos box click on the command icon at the top left corner   c prompt

Select Edit >>> Mark

mark results

Left click your mouse and still holding the button down, drag it over the text to highlight the selection to be copied.

Either press the enter key on your keyboard or right click your mouse.

Paste the text into notepad.

Output to Text File

You can also output the information to a text file by typing the following into the DOS screen:
"tracert [host] [output path, file name]" for e.g:-

     tracert >C:\results.txt

A new file called "results.txt" will be created at the root of your C_Drive.
Data is output to the text file and not to screen.. please note it could take a few mins whilst the text file is created.

If you wish to add more data to the same text file insert an extra > in the command... for e.g:-

     tracert >>C:\results.txt

See also the software section for tracert tools.

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