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System Clean-up Tools

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Adaware Free spyware and malware scanner.
Spybot S&D Free spyware and malware scanner.
Cookie Viewer View Web browser "Cookies" left by the web site's you've visited.
CCleaner Removes unused and temporary files etc from your system
CCleaner tutorial Video tutorial for CCleaner.
ATF Cleaner Browser / temp files etc removal
XCleaner Cleans and removes cookies, temp int files, recycle bin, recent files and other tracking items.
Registry Pruner Remove unneeded entries from Windows' Registry.
Window Registry Repair Free Window Registry Repair.
Registry Mechanic Time limited Registry Cleaner
RegCleaner Free Registry Cleaner
PrcView Process Viewer for Windows
ProcessExplorer Process Explorer from SysInternals
Itty Bitty Process Manager Process Manager from the author of HJT
StartupList Tool that lists all auto starting programs on your system
RootkitRevealer SysInternals Rootkit revealer.

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