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May 2009

Computer Active issue293 gets mentioned in Computer Active Magazine Issue 293 for tips on improving your broadband connection.

Item:      Computer Active
Issue:     14 May 09
Feature:  "First Class Broadband"
Pages:     12 - 16

kitz in computer active  magazine


April 2009

Solving PC Problems gets various mentions in a special edition magazine "Ultimate Guide to Solving PC Problems" by Computer Active.

Item:      Ultimate Guide to Solving PC Problems
Date:      April 09
Feature:  Various mentions throughout the magazine both as references & guides and where to go for more information.

"For broadband and internet issues try Think Broadband or Kitz".
"You can find even more troubleshooting advice at"

kitz in computer active  magazine

March 2009

Personal Computer World

The site gets several mentions in a Boost your Broadband special feature on troubleshooting and how to improve your broadband speeds in PCW.

Item:      Personal Computer World Magazine.
Issue:     April 09
Feature:  "Broadband Troubleshooting"
Pages:     28 - 35

kitz in PCW magazine


August 2008

The site gets several mentions in a Computer Active Magazine special feature on how to Speed up your broadband.

Item:       Computer Active Magazine.
Issue No:  273
Feature:   "Broadband Test it - Fix it - Boost it"
Pages:      14 onwards.

computer active


May 2008

PC Pro Magazine Feature "Double your Broadband", made mention of the site stating it "provides a clear guide" on how to tweak your MTU settings to help improve your broadband speeds.


Page 113

PCpro article


16th Aug 2007

BBC Radio Derby does a special on broadband speeds with Which Magazine. Both the main site and forums get a mention by the radio presenter as being a good site for broadband information and help with adsl problems. bbc radio derby


Aug 2007

A Webuser Magazine reader got £25 for mentioning the site on readers "top tip" on how you could find out if you could get better adsl speeds. Issue 168 page 68.

get your line stats

May 2007

The site was featured in the UK National Magazine Webuser Issue 161 in an article about "Boost Your Broadband".


boost your broadband



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