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Eudora Light Free e-mail and newsgroup client.
Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail and newsgroup Client from Mozilla
Pegasus Free alternative e-mail client
E-mail Stripper Free program for cleaning the ">" and other formatting characters out of your emails.
Mail Washer Pro This just has to be about one of the best spam filters. It lets you check mail from the Server without having to download to your PC. Unfort not free, but you can d/l a trial.
Magic Mail Monitor POP3 mail monitor with multiple accounts support.
Sits in your sytray + notifies new messages. Options to preview + delete unwanted mail from the server.
Spam Pal Free Spam Filter for Windows.
ePrompter Automatically checks and retrieves your email messages from up to sixteen password protected email accounts AND lets you read, delete and respond to any of your messages - without ever having to launch your email program or go to your webmail's site.

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