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Setting up SNTP (Time Server)

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BT Voyager 205

When ever you switch your router off, you will find that the time will default to that of the last changes to you made.
To get round this you can set up your router to connect to a time server and ensure that future time stamps will be correct for such things as alarms.

You will need to tell your router an address of a time server, there are several available :-
Plusnet have at,, &
Manchester university has at

You can either type in the name or the IP address, however, remember that if you type in the name you will have to ensure that your router has your ISP's DNS servers addresses added under Quick configuration >>> Services.

Personally I prefer to use the IP number and for this example I will use

  • First of all telnet to your router.

  • Set up the server address*... type in...
    create sntp servaddr

  • If appropriate set DST/BST (British Summer Time)... type in
    modify system dst on

  • Enable sntp... type in...
    modify sntp cfg enable

  • Check its working... type in...
    get sntp stats

  • Commit the changes... type in...
  • Exit the session.. type...


kitz set sntp

*note if you wish to use the server name you would need to type
     create sntp servaddr dname

Unfortunately the router does not automatically switch between DST and you have to configure this manually each spring and autumn. To do this use the following commands:-

     $modify sntp cfg disable
     $modify system dst off
     $modify sntp cfg enable

don't forget to commit the changes.

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