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Mozilla Firefox Updated Firebird browser from Mozilla. Well worth the installation. Includes lots of extra features such as tabbed browsing.
Opera Alternative browser, often favoured by the more "geeky" types.
Avant Browser Upgrade IE with tabbed browsing, Flash Filter, Popup Stopper, Cleaner and Google Search
Browser Helpers
Google Toolbar Search toolbar which also includes pop up stopper.
IE Spell Internet Explorer browser extension that spell checks text input boxes on a webpage
Spellbound Spellchecker for FireFox. Dictionary and Thesaurus Toolbar.
Java Plugin Java Runtime Environment for Browsers.
IE popup killer IE popup blocker from Fad Software. Only 16kb filesize.
Proxomitron Universal Web Filter. Unfort this proggie has been discontinued but more info can be found here
Spoofstick Helps users detect spoofed (fake) websites.
Unbrand.vbs Remove IE + OE branding.
TitleFix Change IE title bar to anything you want.

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