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Trouble shooting

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Adsl trouble shooting guide.

  1. Unplug all telephones and other devices including any filters from your phone sockets and see if your modem/router will work when plugged directly in to the socket.

  2. Try plugging your modem/router directly in to the master socket, to see if the connection is any better from there.

  3. Behind the master socket there is a "test socket". You can undo the 2 screws on the faceplate and access the test socket. Do not however remove the actual socket or expose any of the BT wiring.

*When trying to plug a router or modem directly into a phone socket without a filter, you can use one of the cables that is normally used for plugging in a 56k dial up modem.

NTE adsl faceplate
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If your problem is resolved at stage 1 or 2 then its likely a problem with either your filters or the way any extensions are wired up.
  • Check that you have installed your filters correctly.
  • Add one piece of equipment and filter at a time so that you can track down exactly where the problem lies.
If BT Openreach are called out and they find your problem is at one of the above stages then they will in all likelyhood make a call out charge of circa £150.

If your problem is solved at stage 3 and particularly if you were having problems related to a low SNR margin then consider replacing the faceplate on your master socket with a special NTE5 adsl faceplate.
See my page on low SNR for more details.

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