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Voyager 205 - Restrict Internet Access.

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Restrict PC access using the BT Voyager 205

There may be times when you wish to stop certain PC's on the network from having access at certain times of the day or night.

Below is an example of how I stopped my daughters PC from having internet access during certain hours.

To do this I needed to set up a IP Filter rule.
From the Services Tab Select IP Filter.

filter rule

Select the "Add" button near the bottom of the page.

Then from the new "IP Filter Rule - Add" enter the following information:-

Rule ID no
Action = Deny
Interface = ppp-0
Start time = time from which access is to be denied. *
End time = time when access will be restored.
Src Address = "eq" + IP address.
Dest Address = any
Protocol = any
TOD Rule Status = Enable

although in theory you should be able to cover the hours 10pm until 7am with one rule,
I had to set up 2 separate rules (22.00.00 to 23.59.59 and 00.00.01 to 07.00.00) for it to work correctly. :/

set filter rule

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