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Be* & O2 Router Settings

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Settings to put in your router if you wish to configure your own, rather than the supplied O2/Be Box

Line Mode / Modulation:

G.dmt 992.5 Annex A
(Be Pro - Annex M)

Connectivity Mode : RFC1483 Bridged
Protocol Encapsulation : ETHoA or IPoATM (IP over ATM) IPoA
Multiplexing method : LLC Based
VPI : 0
VCI : 101
Username : leave blank
Password : leave blank
Domain : leave blank
NAT : Enable
IP Address : Dynamic:
Get Dynamically from ISP
Static Option: As advised by Be/O2
MAC Address : Default / As per bottom of router
Primary DNS server :
Secondary DNS server :

Tutorial :- How to set up and configure a DG834GT/DG834G for Be* /O2.


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