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MultiCast (IGMP)

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The Solwise SAR110 and Voyager 205 allows you to receive Multicast streaming content.
At the present time the BBC are doing multicast trials and more information can be found at and a list of multicast trial streams can be found here.

To configure the SAR110/Voyager 205 to receive multicast you need to manually configure the router to allow IGMP, which can be done by telnetting into the CLI.

Details on how to telnet to the SAR110 can be found here.- by using telnet
For the Voyager 205 use telnet

From the command prompt

To create IGMP interfaces type:-

create igmp intf ifname eth-0 router version igmpv2 lmqinterval 1 robust 5 qinterval 60
create igmp intf ifname ppp-0 host version igmpv2

To get list of current multicast group membership type:

get igmp groups

To commit the changes type:-


telnet igmp

To delete IGMP interfaces type:-

delete igmp intf ifname eth-0
delete igmp intf ifname ppp-0

One other useful command that will show you all the igmp interfaces is :-

$get igmp intf


$get igmp intf
IfName : eth-0 Type : router
Version : igmpv2 Query Interval(sec) : 60
Query Max Resp Time(sec): 10 Last Memb QueryIntvl(sec): 1
Robustness : 5 Join Requests : 39
Current Groups : 1
IfName : ppp-0 Type : host
Version : igmpv2 Query Interval(sec) : 125
Query Max Resp Time(sec): 10 Last Memb QueryIntvl(sec): 1
Robustness : 2 Join Requests : 0
Current Groups : 0


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