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Broadband Service Status Checkers

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List of exchange status checkers and adsl broadband service status checkers.

Broadband  Service Status Checkers
Broadband Network MSOs and PEWs
~ BT Service Status BT landline/dsl network service status provided by BT
~ Broadband Status BT MSO's and planned maintenance - Provided by Zen.
~ BTw/Openreach MSOs BTw MSO Archive / PEW Provided by AAISP
~ BTw/Openreach MSOs Current Service outages / PEWs / Archive Provided by Freeola
Network and Exchange Information
~ Broadband checker Exchange details, location, distance from the exchange,
available speeds, available LLU ISP's.
~ Exchange Search - Sam Knows Exchange details, no of phone lines, location
No of DSLAMs, upgrades due. Broadband types available.
Report Openreach Network Damage Report damaged cable, poles, damaged or vandalised cabs.
Full Fibre Network Rollout FTTP Checkers
Openreach Full Fibre Checker Full Fibre checker provided by Openreach
Virgin Media Network Expansion Check if Virgin Media's proposed Network Expansion will be in your area
CityFibre Checker CityFibre Network connectivity
ISP Service Status
ISP Service Status For more ISP service status links check out the relevant ISP information page
* AAISP Blogspot BT Incident Reports and Planned Work from AAISP.
AAISP SS Page AAISP Incidents and Network status.
BT Business Service Checker Service status for BT Business accounts
BT Broadband Service Status BT Broadband Service update
Claranet SS Claranet Service Announcements
Eclipse Open Outages Eclipse Open Outages and closed incidents.
EE Status Checker EE network coverage and status checker
Entanet NOC Entanet Network Outages.  Inc CityFibre MSO
Freeola Service Status Service Status for Freeola network and services
* Freeola Broadband Service Outages Searchable BTw based DSL broadband current incidents, PEWs
IDNet SS IDNet Network Status
O2 Service Status O2 Home Broadband Service Status
Plusnet Service Status Status for adsl, dial, web, mail etc.
Sky Service Status Sky Service Status portal
SupaNet Service Status SupaNet Service Status
TalkTalk Business SS TalkTalk Business Service and Maintenance Events
TalkTalk Service Status Dashboard TalkTalk Service Status for residential customers
Virgin Media Service Status Virgin Media National Service announcements
Vodafone Mobile Network Status Vodafone network coverage and status
Zen Broadband Status BTw/Openreach Known faults, MSOs, Maintenance, PEW
* Zen Service Alerts Service alerts inc connectivity from various suppliers
Zen Service Alert overview xDSL Broadband Active Incidents


BTw BT Wholesale DSL Digital Subscriber Line MSO Major Service Outage
NOC Network Operations Center PEW Planned Engineer Work    
* May be able to provide detailed & searchable information for BTw / Openreach Major Service Outages & PEWs



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Update: Feb 2023

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