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ADSL Broadband Service Status Checkers

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List of exchange status checkers and adsl broadband service status checkers.

Broadband  Service Status Checkers
BTw ADSL Broadband Network MSOs and PEWs
~ Local Network Status Openreach telephone and broadband indicent status reports.
~ BT Service Status Exchange Service Status, Engineering works, Area Specific Problems.
~ BT MSOs BT Major Service Outages - Provided by Plusnet UserTools.
~ Broadband Status BT MSO's and planned maintenance - Provided by Zen.
Exchange Information
~ Broadband checker Exchange details, location, distance from the exchange,
available speeds, available LLU ISP's.
~ PN UserTools - Exchange Status
20CN Capacity/VP status.
Planned Engineering Works.
~ Exchange Search - Sam Knows

Exchange details, no of phone lines, location
No of DSLAMs, upgrades due. Broadband types available.

ISP Service Status
ISP Service Status For more ISP service status links check out the relevant ISP information page
AAISP Blogspot BT Incident Reports and Planned Work from AAISP.
AAISP SS Page AAISP Incidents and Status.
Be* Service Status System and Network Status
BT Broadband BT Broadband Service update
BT Vision SS BT Vision service status messages
Claranet SS Claranet Service Announcements
Demon Service Status Demon Network Status
Easynet SS Easynet Status Information
Eclipse Open Outages Eclipse Open Outages and closed incidents.
Entanet NOC Entanet Network Outages
Hotchilli SS Hotchilli Server Status
IDNet SS IDNet Network Status
Kcom SS Kcom Service Status
NewNet SS NewNet Service Status
Nildram Service Status Nildram Service Status
O2 Service Status O2 Home Broadband Service Status
Orange Service Status Orange Service Status
Plusnet Service Status Status for adsl, dial, web, mail etc.
PlusNet Status Archive Recent Plusnet SS Postings from UserTools.
SupaNet Service Status SupaNet Service Status
TalkTalk Business SS TalkTalk Business Service and Maintenance Events
TalkTalk Service Status TalkTalk Service Status
TescoNet Service Status TescoNet Service Status
Tiscali Service Status Tiscali Service Status
Virgin Media - ADSL Virgin Media National (ADSL) Service announcements
Virgin Media - Cable Virgin Media Faults and Service Status - Cable
Vispa Service Status Vispa Service Status
Zen Service Status Zen Service Status


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