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Want to know if you can get DSL broadband on your line, or what speed connection the BT estimates your line to be capable of? Simply enter your phone number and post code into the checker below which checks the status of your phone line and your local exchange.

Whilst you do not have to input both the telephone number and the postcode, it is strongly recommended that you do so to ensure the most accurate results. Find your Postcode.

Broadband Availability Checker
1. Enter your Phone No :
2.  Enter your Postcode :
The checks may take a short while to perform and gather the results.
No data that you enter is recorded or retained by this site.

Reset form.

Information the broadband checker can provide.

~ Exchange Information

See information about your local telephone exchange.

Check which BT services are available at the exchange such as maxdsl, sdsl, FTTC and when BT's "21st Century Network" is expected to come to your exchange.

exchange information

~ Line Information

fastest speed information

  With maxdsl, adsl 2+ and LLU, the nearer you are to your exchange the better chance you have of achieving higher speeds, therefore location is important. See information about your line and what speeds BT estimate you are likely to achieve.
  See what other broadband technologies are available in your area - such as Cable or Wireless broadband and which LLU providers are available at your exchange. cable and LLU services
Note : This test checks various databases for results and whilst every attempt has been made to ensure its accuracy, we cannot guarantee that they are correct. It is recommended that you also check availability with the individual service providers.


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