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An Introduction to Contention

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Shortly after our exchange became enabled several people noticed a decrease in speeds.  At first we thought it may have been a temporary glitch, but things got worse and worse.

Up until this time contention at the local exchange was a relatively unheard factor, and we didn't know quite what to do, and there were in excess of 30 users from the Broadband4Blackpool site forums now complaining.

Any how to cut a very long story short, eventually we got someone at BTw to listen.. Over a period of weeks I was in daily contact with BT Special Faults Dept (SFI). I collated a lot of data and information and also ran tests from here which helped SFI to identify the problem.

During this time I had to learn about contention fast.. I did a fair bit of research and asked a lot of questions from BTw... some of the answers I got were not previously known to the general public.  I have also visited our local exchange.

I believe our exchange was the first exchange on which BT publicly admitted there were contention issues.

Thankfully now our problems have been resolved and since then I have made many posts on ADSL guide about contention and how it works.

I am far from an expert on contention... and a lot of facts about ADSL and contention and how it works are still unknown to the general public.  There isn't a lot of information out there... and much of it is based on logical assumptions. However, I have no reason to doubt that the information I have received is incorrect. Although this information stood true in May 2003, it should be bourne in mind that exchanges and equipment are updated and things may not be the same today.
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