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BT Voyager 205

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The BT Voyager 205 uses the same firmware as the Solwise 110/130 (Globespan Viking), therefore a lot of the commands and tutorials that Ive done for the SAR110 will also work on the Voyager 205.

The Voyager 205 offers a usb or ethernet connection and to access all of the commands you should ensure that you connect via ethernet (a Network card).

The major firmware difference is that the Voyager is set up to use the IP address

The web interface at first glance has been changed and branded to BT but underneath most things should still be the same.
To access the web interface click the link here -->

To telnet into the router type the command telnet from Start >> run
or simply click this link here --> telnet

By default the User Name is admin and the password is admin.
I recommend that you change the password.


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