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Common CLI Commands

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To Access the CLI :-

For the SAR 110/130 --> telnet

  User: DSL
  Password: DSL
  User: admin
  Password: admin

For the Voyager 205--> telnet

  User: admin
  Password: admin

Basic Commands

? or help

Provides a list of the level commands.


Provides a list of the get commands which enable you to get stats and the like.


Saves the changes to router memory.


Useful commands

Increase the Maximum IP sessions.

modify nbsize maxipsess 512

A very useful tweak if you find you certain sites are loading slowly and not downloading images.
Symptoms of too low a figure can also be disconnected icq/msn/ftp sessions.
More info about this here.

Stealth the router.

create ipf rule entry ruleid 5 dir out act accept storestate enable seclevel high medium low
create ipf rule entry ruleid 500000 ifname public dir in act deny seclevel high medium low

Note that if you set this you will have to enable port forwards to allow any p2p application or if you run servers such as ftp/web/mail.

More information about stealthing the router here.

Set up Multicast

This has its own tutorial here.

Set up your router time (SNTP).

This has its own tutorial here.


Get your Line stats

get dsl params

Produces your line stats. - In particular you may be interested in the results:-
Local Line Atten(dB) : & Local SNR Margin(dB) :

get line stats


CLI manual for the SAR110 and BT Voyager 205


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