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Broadband Internet Service Providers

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This section contains detailed information on various broadband Internet Service Providers. Data is provided in the following areas:

  • Broadband products and prices
  • How users rate this ISP
  • Customer comments about their broadband
  • ISP contact information & associated links
  • Background information on the ISP
  • ISP settings such as DNS, mail and router settings.
ISP Broadband information

Click on the ISP you wish to view

AAISP informationAAISP
BT informationBT
Claranet SOHO informationClaranet SOHO
Demon informationDemon
EE informationEE
Entanet informationEntanet
IDNet informationIDNet
Origin informationOrigin
PlusNet informationPlusNet
Post Office informationPost Office
Pulse8 informationPulse8
SAQ informationSAQ
Sky informationSky
SSE informationSSE
TalkTalk informationTalkTalk
The Phone Co-op informationThe Phone Co-op
Uno informationUno
Virgin Media informationVirgin Media
Vispa informationVispa
Vodafone informationVodafone
Zen informationZen
Others & Older
AOL informationAOL
Be informationBe
Bulldog informationBulldog
Connexin informationConnexin
Daisy informationDaisy
Eclipse informationEclipse
EE Mobile informationEE Mobile
F2S informationF2S
Fast informationFast
KCOM informationKCOM
Kijoma informationKijoma
MadasaFish informationMadasaFish
Metronet informationMetronet
Mistral informationMistral
Namesco informationNamesco
Newnet informationNewnet
Nildram informationNildram
O2 informationO2
Orange informationOrange
Pipex informationPipex
Supanet informationSupanet
Tesco informationTesco
Three Mobile informationThree Mobile
Timico informationTimico
Tiscali informationTiscali
Toucan informationToucan
UKOnline informationUKOnline
Utility Warehouse informationUtility Warehouse
Virgin DSL informationVirgin DSL

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