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Some commonly asked questions about Browsers - Click on the link to reveal the answer.

How can I stop Pop Ups?

There are several free pop-up stoppers available.

My favourite is the google toolbar.
Yahoo also offer a free companion which can stop pop-ups.
Pop Up Manager is free for personal use and works in IE 5 + 6.

Browsers such as Mozilla and Opera offer their own pop-up stoppers.
IE add-ons such as Avant Browser & Myie2 also contain popup stoppers along with other features such as tabbed browsing.

Continuous pop-ups could be indicative that you are infected with a virus or malware,
Follow the instructions in the security help page.

The font size of my browser has gone large/small.

Change the settings from your browsers menu bar.
View >>> Text size.

Another setting that can change your font size is:-
Control Panel >>> Accessibility Options >>> Display Tab.
Using "High Contrast" will set the font size large.

My Browser start page has changed and I keep getting pop-ups for x sites

It is most likely that your browser has been hijacked.
Follow the instructions in my help page here.

How can I repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP?

Microsoft have a knowledge based article on how to do this at:-;EN-US;q318378

How can I remove ISP branding from IE + OE?

FireFox Myths


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