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Anti-Virus and Firewall Apps

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There's no need for your PC to be unprotected
Listed below are free software to help keep your PC in good shape.

Anti-Virus Protection.
AVG Free Anti Virus for single home users from Grisoft
Avast Free Anti Virus for the home PC
Clam Win A-V for windows - also standalone which can be run from USB pen drive.
AOL Active Virus Shield Slimmed down version of Kapersky AV
Kerio Free software firewall for home and personal use.
Zone Alarm Free software download for personal use
Comodo Free Comodo Firewall Pro
Ashampoo Free Firewall
Outpost Free Firewall

*** The AV products below are not a substitute for full anti-virus protection ***

On-line Virus Scanners  
Housecall On-line virus scanner from Trend
Kasperspy online scanner On-Line virus, trojan and malware scanner.
Kasperspy Upload files for remote checking.
Ewido online scanner On-line trojan and malware scanner (Win XP)
Security Check On-line virus scanner from Symantec.
Virus Removal Tools  
Symantec Removal Tools Specific Virus removal tools from Symantec
Stinger Detect + remove specific viruses utility from McAfee.
Virus Specific Tools List of specific virus removal tools

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